The updates and changelog about Budicon

Version 1.3 - Friendly SVG files for Sketch

Sketchapp have been a big request from most of Budicon user, sometimes I got an email asking "Hey, what is the best way to use Budicon in Sketch?" I didn't be any help at that time, a lot of workload from client make me hard to update this 850 icons collection.

So, here I am, listening to all request and give my best shot to improve my icon set. I'm so happy for all input and request from all of you, thank you so much!!

  • All changes in short:
  • Supported SVG files for .Sketch
  • New size added: 48px
  • Eliminating some of dirty points on icons
  • Fixed a major broken path on all sizes
  • No longer support CSH
Why there's no .sketch file included?

To help you use Budicon on Sketch, I provided a friendly SVG file that you can drag and drop into sketchapp right away. You can find the SVG files inside "Sketch" folder

I didn't include the .sketch file due to the file size, it's so huge! (80MB or so), so I decided to keep the download file as low as possible.

What's next?

As you may know from my dribbble, I'm currently preparing some new sets for Budicon. All of my new icons will relatively focused on 1 field of industry (photography, sport, etc)

What is the best way to get notified when new sets are launched?

Get notified, please subscribe to our newsletter, you will get notified about some updates (if any), new product and special offer. Don't worry, I won't waste my time to send you and spam or stupid email.

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Budi Harto Tanrim

If you have a question, don't hestitate to contact me.
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Version 1.2 - Fixing some minor path for PSD

Just a small revision on some of dirty paths on PSD

Version 1.1 - Fixed small details for 90 icons (16,32,64px) +120 icons (25,50px)

Recently I found few emails asking about some of my icons looks not right on Illustrator, I wasn't surpirsed I missed some details when creating this big library of icons. So here is the good news!

Well, I wasn't surprised that I missed some small details when creating this big library of icons, however I'm really sorry for the inconvenience if you've experienced this mistake. Anyway, here is the good news!

In this version, I updated the .PSD, .Ai, .PNG, .EPS for all sizes (Basically, all files is updated)

What's the problem look like?

As you can see on the left icon, there's small dirty pixels cutted out.

I also clean up some of icon with dirty points to make the icons has greater definitions.

What those 90 icons for regular style (16,32,64px) fixed in this version?
What those 120 icons for thin style(25,50px) fixed in this version?
How to get this update?

You should got the link for this update in your email! Please feel free to contact me if you didn't get the link yet, make sure you included your order number in the email.

If you have a question, don't hestitate to contact me.

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I'm working on a tutorial to guide you how to create a cohesive icon set. I'd like to share all my knowledge and trick to make an icon.

Over last 4 years I've been create bunch icons, when I started to design icons it was a constant battle to look out the resource online and all over the place. I want to support you to understand all basic and knowledge that you can bring in your life.

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