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What is pay with a tweet?

Basically you download this for free with just tweeting about this icon. Try it now

What type of files included here?


What about the size variation?

It's including all 5 size variation of Budicon, you'll get 25px and 50px + 16px, 32px and 64px

I have a resources website for free icon, can I put this on my website as a collection?

Yes, a credit is always appreciated. However, you must linkback to this page and let people download it directly from here.

This is awesome, can I put some donation to support you?

That's very kind of you, I don't take any donation for this free sample. You can purchase the full set here to support me

If you have a question, don't hestitate to contact me.

Interested for the full set?

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Want to make a living as icon designer?

I'm working on a tutorial to guide you how to create a cohesive icon set. I'd like to share all my knowledge and trick to make an icon.

Over last 4 years I've been create bunch icons, when I started to design icons it was a constant battle to look out the resource online and all over the place. I want to support you to understand all basic and knowledge that you can bring in your life.

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