How can I download this free sample?

Please click the download button and enter your email, you will get the download link in your inbox.

Why do I have to enter my email?

That's the only way for me to give you the file. I will only send an update and special offers that is related with Budicon.

Why do you provide the free sample?

I am a believer that you have to try things first to make a better purchase decision.

What type of files included here?

EPS, AI, PSD, PNG. Please be aware that the iconjar file is not included in this free sample.

Can I use this free sample for my commercial project?

Unfortunately, no. You have to upgrade to the full license first before using it in commercial project.

Can I use this free sample for my personal project?

Yes, you are allowed to use it for the personal project (meaning non-profit project). However, you must linkback to this page for the credit.

What about the size variation?

It's including all 5 size variation of Budicon, you'll get 25px and 50px + 16px, 32px and 64px.

I have a resources website for free icon, can I put this on my website as a collection?

Yes, a credit is always appreciated. However, you must linkback to this page and let people download it directly from here. You are not allowed to let people download directly from your website or any other online portal.

This is awesome, can I put some donation to support you?

That's very kind of you. However, I don't take any donation for this free sample. You can purchase the full set here to support me.

If you have a question, don't hestitate to contact me.

Interested for the full set?

$39 Buy Full Set

Want to make a living as icon designer?

I'm working on a tutorial to guide you how to create a cohesive icon set. I'd like to share all my knowledge and trick to make an icon.

Over last 4 years I've been create bunch icons, when I started to design icons it was a constant battle to look out the resource online and all over the place. I want to support you to understand all basic and knowledge that you can bring in your life.

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